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Daniela Schneider and Johannes Maas are Advanced Designers (MA) with a focus on social responsibility, future strategies and conceptual thinking.

The project “algorithm fairness label” is a research into how design can be used to deal with algorithmic bias based on communication. It was initiated as a reaction to the increasing social problem caused by automated decision-making processes. Three approaches were developed for this purpose:

1. An understandable and simple presentation of the issue was designed. The debate about algorithmic systems should not be restricted to expert groups, but change to a public discussion. The consumer needs to be told about the ethical impact of algorithms.

2. Five communication guidelines were developed to provide orientation on how to deal with algorithmic bias. It is more important to understand the consequences of algorithms than the decision making process itself. 

3. The concept of a seal of approval was created in order to reveal unethically operating algorithms. We have to develop a strategy where not the companies, but an objective institution can decide if ethical rules are appropriate.

We’d be happy about feedback, suggestions and general exchange about the topic.

Daniela Schneider
Communication Design (BA) | Advanced Design (MA)

Johannes Maas
Photography (BA) | Advanced Design (MA)

University of Applied Sciences Munich
Year of graduation // 2019
Field of study // Advanced Design
Degree // Master
Tutor // Prof. Matthias Edler-Golla